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Cushions with Sayings

luxury personalised gifts for all occasions...

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Welcome to Cushions with Sayings

Discover our beautiful range of embroidered cushions with sayings and motifs for any occasion, personalised for you.

Make someone laugh or tell them that you love them. Say Thank You or even Sorry. Wish someone a Happy Birthday in a way they'll never forget.

Buy the perfect embroidered gifts on-line, for them to cherish forever...

Embroidered Silk Hangers with Sayings
Padded Silk Hangers

Our range of Padded Silk Hangers are embroidered with humorous sayings available in Black, Fushcia, Lime Green, and Ivory Silk

Click here to see our range of Embroidered Hangers

Cushions for Sports & Outdoor Pursuits
The perfect gift for the Sporting or Outdoor person

Luxurious Ivory Linen Cushions embroidered with a detailed motif and witty saying

Click here to see our range of Sports and Outdoor Pursuits

A very spoilt dog lives in this house...
Does a very spoilt pet live in your house?

Let it show with our luxurious Ivory Linen Cushions, embroidered with a beautiful motif of your very own Dog or Cat breed and a humorous saying to make you smile

Click here to see our range of Dogs and Cats

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