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Product image - Cushions with Sayings about Friendship

Sayings about... Friendship

Cushions with embroidered sayings from one of our many categories. Ivory Moire fabric with contract embroidery and piping in a selection of colours.

Size 28cm x 23cm.

Price: £22.00

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First choose the colour embroidery you would like:

Now click on the saying you would like on your cushion:

A friend is someone who dislikes the same people that you dislike

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still likes you

A true friend remembers your birthday but not which one

Chance made us sisters, hearts made us friends

Friends are the families we choose for ourselves

Friends Forever

Friends like you are precious and few

Good Friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget

Old friends are the best friends

You will always be my best friend, because you know too much

If you can't find a suitable Saying... why not create your own?

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