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Product image - Cushions with Sayings about Anniversary

Sayings about... Anniversary

Cushions with embroidered sayings from one of our many categories. Ivory Moire fabric with contract embroidery and piping in a selection of colours.

Size 28cm x 23cm.

Price: £22.00

Click cushion to enlarge

First choose the colour embroidery you would like:

Now click on the saying you would like on your cushion:

25 Silver Years

30 Pearl Years

40 Ruby Years

50 Golden Years

60 Diamond Years

All my tomorrows belong to you

An ideal wife is one who has an ideal husband

Anniversaries are like vintage wine, better and better all the time

Good times are better when they are shared

Happiness is being married to my best friend

Happiness is being married to your best friend

If you ever leave me I'm going with you

Together is the nicest place to be

When I count my blessings I count you twice

If you can't find a suitable Saying... why not create your own?

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